If you plan on taking a class with Lynn, you are likely to hear the following...


"You guys, this is so much fun!"

Lynn will utter this about every project.  Ever.  And she means it.  They're all so much fun.


"Can I help you with that?"  

A heartfelt proposition to impart knowledge, tricks of the trade, or some incredible pottery technique she's learned or developed along the way.  An answer of yes will take your work to a new level.


"Do you like what you're doing there?"

A sincere question but also a veiled attempt to offer a critique and help you develop your artist's eye by challenging you to not just settle for what is easy.


"What do you want to learn today?"

Student-guided demos are a main stay of Lynn's classes and she is always up for a challenge herself.


"Oh, I love that!"

When she loves your work, she will tell you.  Her approach is student-specific and she celebrates each potter's unique achievements and personal growth - never comparing one artist to another but rather the artist you are today with the artist you were yesterday.