Lynn Hull

Lynn 2.jpg

Lynn enjoys creating things and has always had a craft project going, even at a very young age. Her family went from suburbia to a small farm, to owning and operating an ice cream store, and then running a newspaper in New England. Lynn discovered clay during her junior year of college while out carousing one evening; throwing her first pot on a kick wheel with clay from a slop bucket. She was hooked. Before graduating with a BS in Business Administration she was able to enroll in two ceramics classes. Wanting to learn more, she became a potter's apprentice for three years at Santa Fe Pottery in Denver, Colorado. She joined Castle Clay, a pottery co-op, in Denver in 1990 where she honed her skills and  developed an eye for aesthetics. About 6 years ago, Lynn started teaching, discovering much to her delight just how much she loved sharing the joy of pottery with her students. Lynn strives to make beautiful, unique, well crafted pieces that can be used and appreciated every day.