Here are what some of Lynn's students have to say about her along with examples of the work she has helped them achieve.

Hand-built Sugar & Creamer Set by Patti

"Lynn is one of the finest teachers I have ever had - hands down.  She is personally invested in her students' growth and success, continually challenges us, and knows just when to push and in what direction.  Her passion is infectious and the love she has for her craft oozes from every pore.  It's impossible not to be excited about pottery in her presence and classes with her are always a delight." 

- Patti Murtha, 5-year student

"Talented, passionate, encouraging, fun. These words come to mind when I think of Lynn Hull.

Lynn is my pottery teacher of four years. Each week she masterfully instructs our group while providing individual suggestions and support. She sees in each of us where we are and gently “pushes” us to keep growing, her enthusiasm for our successes ever present. I love that she’s my teacher!"

- Susan Knecht, 4-year student

Thrown & Hand Built Bowl & Pitcher Set by Susan

Thrown Jar by Ellen

"When I started taking classes from Lynn, I lacked confidence and was very self-conscience. She is the kind of teacher who asks you what you want to do, and then says, "now lets do it." I have come such a long way! She makes you feel like you can do anything. She works with you till you get it right and she never lets you give up even when (especially when) you feel like throwing in the towel! She also lets it be known that nothing is a throw-away. It can be made into something that is of value and fits the idea you have in your mind. She is always watching  you even when you think she isn’t. Not in a hovering way but she has her eye on you! She loves to teach and I’ve never had a teacher that is so excited to help you! Her smile and sense of humor is infectious and makes being in her class so much fun! We have a terrific time! I love being in her classes!"
- Ellen Leak, 2-year student

"Lynn Hull has so much passion and joy for the world of ceramics that it is infectious.  As a member of her class you cannot help but have her enthusiasm rub off on you.   She encourages her students to pursue their individual interests and invites them to bring ideas, projects and questions to the class.  This creates a dynamic dialogue among students spurring new ideas and sparking the creativity of the group.  Her classes all seem to become an inviting, warm group of friends. 

I came to Lynn with a strong background in the mechanics of ceramics, but through her I have found a voice.  She has helped me see my work and understand what needs to be done to take it to the next level.  Lynn has been an amazing influence on me and my work for which I am very grateful."

- Shelagh Peterson, 4-year student

Mugs by Shelagh

Mugs by Shelagh